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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bambi's first time modelling

Hello All,

Bambi, our chihuahua, the newest one to the pack has always been a very nervous dog. I was wondering if he would ever be able to do modeling for Belle Pepper Couture. Both Belle and Pepper love modelling dog clothing and dog collars. Bambi really likes to wear all sorts of dog accessories. He loves them actually. So we had a opportunity to get our handmade product into Pet Style News for editorial. Bambi had to do it, we needed some new product pictures and we didn't have Belle or Pepper with us.

Bambi is modeling the red dog collar on the top of this picture.

All of my collars are available with spikes or rhinestones.

So Bambi took many pictures, and he wasn't sparkling. And I figured it out, he needed better food motivation. We were tempting him with cupcakes!!! That did the trick. :)

You can see that his personality comes through in these pics. He's a really cute chihuahua!
And I think he looks great modeling the dog collar, what do you think????

You can write Bambi, if you would like to. His email is

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