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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who is Belle Pepper Couture?

The history of Belle Pepper Couture 101.

Back in the old days of 1997, Belle came into my life. I wanted her to have really cool things to wear and there wasn't that much then, the most you could find was a mass produced dog sweater from a major pet supply chain store. Belle had to wait.

We moved back to California a bit after I graduated from Arizona State University. I was always on a look out for great items for dogs, and didn't really see them. In 2005, while working for a major jewelry designer, a dog boutique opened near by. I started to go there and found there was a lot of great stuff, and I could make it better.

I started Belle Pepper Couture, without the name, by designing jewelry for pets. Great! They were selling. Then Pepper came to us. She has been such a great dog! She was named Pepper when we got her, and we thought it was so cute that Belle and Pepper together were a vegetable!
I was searching for a name, and it just hit me, BELLE PEPPER. Then I thought, how about Belle Pepper Couture, high fashion. OH! That's it! Since then, I have designed an entire line of dog jewelry, dog collars, and unique dog clothing items.

Once we launced the website, we had got a great response! We have advertised in Dog Fancy three times. My brand is sold in 3 stores, and 1 more in April. I have had an article written about my business. It has been really a great pleasure doing this business.

Belle Pepper Couture designs were inspired by our dogs Belle, Pepper and now Bambi. We wanted to find unusual things for our dogs, and didn't find what we liked. I think that is how most ideas start. All of the BPC branded items are all very unique and original. I am constantly coming up with new ideas and love meeting people that have dogs, and similar interests as me.

Thank you to all of my family and friends that have supported me!

Svea Komori-Ang


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