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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

San Fransisco, Pepper and I love it!

Hi All!

We were in lovely San Francisco two weekends ago, and let me tell you, it was just amazing. We brought Pepper with us, since she had a high level of medical care. We had so much fun! Pepper went almost everywhere with me, well since she only weights 5 lbs and she loves her soft carrier, she was virtually invisible to everyone. We went to visit all bunch of dog boutiques in the area. The hills are crazy there, the houses and buildings are beautiful!

On Saturday we started our day early! We dropped off Dan, at the New York Life Building for the conference he was attending and the city was ours! We found this really great little coffee shop called Double Team Coffee, 882 Bush Street(between Mason St & Taylor St)San Francisco, CA 94108. It was great, it was inexpensive and the owner there was really nice! Pepper was excited because she got some of my sesame bagel for breakfast!

I looked over the stores that I wanted to visit, and found several. It was nice to sit down to have breakfast. Pepper and I went to Doe,, 629 Haight St(between Pierce St & Steiner St)San Francisco, CA 94117, what a cool store! It is such a cool place, there are many neat things there, cards, jewelry and cool home goods. That store is cool also because they support local/west coast designers by selling their items. There was a doggie park over by Doe, Duboce Park. This picture is of Pepper being cold. Yes it was on a hill. The park surprisingly didn't have fences around the whole doggie area. It was cool, it looked like the park from the Full House opening.

We went over to Bella and Daisy's, A Dog Bakery and Boutique,, 1750 Union Street, between Octavia & Gough, San Francisco, CA 94123, and Pepper met Bubba and Molly. Bubba is this huge dog, he weights about 230 lbs, and Molly is a yorkie. They all got to hang out and socialize. It is just a lovely store. Did you know that they have a weekly Yappy Hour, every Friday from 5pm-7pm? How cool is that!

On Sunday we went back to the City and visited 1737 Church, the sister store to Doe. They have a lot of the same items as Doe, but they have doggie sweaters! Pepper got to model one of them. She did very well, considering she was still recovering. We were there when the girls were decorating for the Chinese New Year, it was really cool! The next shop that we went to that I just loved was Hazel and Gertie's,, 3385 22nd St(between San Jose Ave & Guerrero St)San Francisco, CA 94110, we met the owner of Small Batch Pets there! It was really nice to talk her, and learn about her products! All of food is produced in San Francisco. This is their website:

All and all, it was a really fun trip, I got to see San Francisco, the non-tourist way. Enjoyed the local flavors and met some really AWESOME people. I hope to visit San Francisco again soon.

Hope you enjoyed our story,

Svea and Pepper

Belle Pepper Couture

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