Belle Pepper Couture

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Please keep Pepper in your thoughts and prayers.

Today Pepper was attacked by a coyote in our complex. Bambi and Pepper got out, when we opened the door this morning.

The neighbor said that the coyote picked her up with it's mouth, shook her and started to carry her off. Pepper got away and came back to me. This all happened within a minute. She was still conscience and walking.

We brought her to urgent care and she underwent surgery. Her one of her lungs was punctured, some contusions on her lung and she had some damage to her thorax. The doctor said that she had a 70% chance to survive with treatment. The doctor said that her surgery went perfect, but she still has to stablize and not have complications from the procedure. She is improving after the surgery, her oxygen levels are getting better.
Friends, both Dan and I really need your help. Pepper's vet bill is astronomical. We would appreciate any help in ways of money (any amount will help, $5 or $10 or $20) or if you would like to purchase Belle Pepper Couture product.
All of this money will help us pay for her bill.
We don't ask for much help and would greatly appreciate your help.

On behalf of Pepper, Thank you.
Svea, Dan, Belle and Bambi