Belle Pepper Couture

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dog Collars, the statement of fashion that you cannot deny your furry baby!

Spikes, Studs and Rhinestones, OH MY!
A dog collar is a requirement for any dog, considering, they are supposed to have their license and tags on them at all times.I have made a bunch of new dog collars for my brand, Belle Pepper Couture.
We use three types of fabric for my dog collars: cotton, vinyl and thai silk. In the future we will have leather with really neat textures.We just started making specialty collars. We now have a pirate collar, dia de los muertos collar!
We carry collars for every size dog! We have the littlest collars that are for teacup size dog all the way up to large breed dogs.We have three widths, and several sizes ranging a few inches, so that the tab of the collar doesn't stick out too far.
Dogs need several cool dog collars to wear. Don't just let your doggie wear the same collar for 3 years!Think about a collar as pair of shoes, or even, as a shirt. Would you wear the same shirt for 3 years, every day non-stop?? We didn't think so.
Our collars are priced so that having a few collars to rotate is a possibility. Accessorizing your dog or pet in a different collar every few days is fun!Have a fancy collar, casual collar, beach collar, holiday collar, the list goes on, as your feelings or moods change.
We pick cool fabrics, ones that would just look amazing on any furry companion.Colors and design inspire our selections, we have been told that we have a good selection of prints.
Construction of the collar? We use nylon thread, so that it doesn't break-it's very durable. Rivets hold together the buckle to the collar.For the bigger sizes, we double up the rivets for an even stronger hold. We make all of my cotton, silk and vinyl collars from scratch in San Diego!!
Customized? Yes! We can customize any collar that we make! It can have spikes, rhinestones, longer, shorter, brass or nickel!The possibilities are endless. Contact us if you want something special made, no extra customization fees if it's something we have!Email us if you have any questions! Email us for custom orders! We had a special order for a collar without the nylon thread, because the dog is allergic to any plastic. We also made a solid pink collar for a client who didn't want a print.
Belle's and Pepper's favorite collar is the Spike Collar with the floral prints! These collars are a bit punk rock, and really edgy!Our collection of dog collars are very unique and look really nice! We have had so many compliments on my doggies wearing their collars .
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